Thursday 5 January 2012

Clear Stamp Storage

Good Evening All

I decided that this year that I was finally going to get my clear stamps into some sort of organisation.  Up until a few hours ago my clear stamps were stored like this!

Yes you are seeing right, that is a paper gift bag stuffed with stamps (can't quite believe I am admitting to this).

I did a few searches on the internet to see what other people do and the most popular seemed to be clear cd cases, however that idea just didn't seem like it would work for me, I would forget what I had and end up pulling out all the boxes and not putting away half of them. I wanted something where I could store them all in one place and easily see which stamps I had.

I found somebody who had used acetate, poly pockets and in a lever arch folder as storage, I liked this idea, so tonight I sat down to start filing away my stamps.

 First off I stamped my images on plain white paper and wrote the name of the set on top of the page.

I laid the stamp over the stamped image and the laid on top a sheet of acetate and slid the whole thing into a poly pocket.

I have tried to keep the stamps within their sets and also within themes, so all my christmas, flowers, people etc are filed together.

I am hoping this system will work for me, I would love to know if anybody has a better system, or how I could improve on this one.


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  1. Yay!! Found it Gilly - am so pleased 'cos it's almost the way I planned to do mine too. I'd thought of laminating as well but that might be a bit OCD huh? Is it working OK for you. Like you, I think CD cases aren't for me. And, soooo spooky, the stamps on your top photo are ones I've used for tomorrow's card :)



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