Monday 23 January 2012

Wreath Poll Results & Exciting News

Thought I would quickly share with you all the results of the poll I ran for my bauble wreaths.

In first place with 31% of the vote was the bronze and gold creation

In second place with 27% of the vote was the purple and gold

In joint third place with 13% were these two wreaths

In fourth place with 9% was this blue creation

Fifth place with 4%

And finally the wool wreath which did not receive any votes.

Thank you very much to everybody who took the time to vote, I really appreciate it.

Finally on to my exciting news, me and my fiancĂ©e, Jamie, have booked the date for our wedding. We are getting married at the end of June this year! Lots to do and I will be sure to share any crafty makes for the wedding with you all. Also I apologise if I haven't got round to visit all the wonderful blogs out there, hopefully now we have a date finalised I can back into blog hopping properly.



  1. ahhh huge congratulations on setting the date! i got married in october 2010 and LOVED everything about planning the wedding - in fact, I returned to crafting when we decided to get married to keep costs down, and then when the wedding was over and I had loads of time to fill, crafting kept me company! your creations are so gorgeous, I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful.
    M x
    PS. my favourite wreath is the wool one - it's such a different idea, I love it! I think I must have missed your original post about it :)

  2. That's wonderful news. Congratulations to you both. You are going to be busy busy busy now. x

  3. Oh wow Gillian

    Many congratulations on setting the date for your wedding.

    Lots for you to do between now and then!!!

    Hopefully the lovely weather will be well and truly with us by then.

    I loved all of your wreaths.

    Love Jules xx


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