Sunday 24 March 2013

Pattern Play Day 4 & 5

Good Afternoon,

Finally got caught up on my homework for the online Pattern Play classes.

So here is my card from Day 4, I was inspired by Kelly Rasmussen's card and used glitter on the stripy paper.

 For Day 5's card I tried my hand at the paper weaving technique that was demonstrated.

Thanks to all the talented teachers for your videos, patterned paper is certainly not as scary as it was before I started the class.

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  1. Brilliant cards Gillian, I love the different colour techinques and design layouts.

  2. Sounds like you picked up loads of helpful tips this week :) I love the paper weaving, what a great effect x

  3. I love the way you did both these cards. The striped one caught my eye when I was looking through the gallery. Great job.
    Rae Ann

  4. I love both of your cards Gillian! Especially the heart one with the paper weaving!

  5. Did you enjoy the patterned play tutorial Gillian? Darnell suggested I might like to have a go at it, as found a stash of patterned paper pads and was looking for some feedback..

  6. Too lovely cards, Gillian. The sentiment on your first really pops and the hearts are so cute on the second. x


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