Tuesday 7 February 2012

Baby Blankets

Yaaaay, at long last I am showing you some pictures of the baby blankets I have been making.

Isn't the pattern on the fabric adorable?

My sister asked me to make a blanket for her friend who had recently given birth to a baby boy, she asked for something bright & childlike.  I hope this ticks both boxes.

For the second blanket I am also going to show you how I make my blankets.

To start with I cut my front fabric to the size I want the finished blanket to be, also cut your wadding to the same size.  For the backing fabric I cut this approximately 2-4 inches bigger depending on the thickness of border you want.

Lay the backing fabric wrong side up and the front fabric right side up.  Next fold the backing fabric border in half and then fold over the top of the front fabric and wadding.

Continue doing this round all 4 sides and pin in place.

Next simply top stitch round the border you have created.  I try and do this as close to the front fabric as possible but that is a personal preference.

And that's it, now I know this method wouldn't suit a lot of people, but I am able to make one of these in about 30 minutes and I personally like the end result.  If you are a beginner at sewing, I think this would be a perfect project until you gain more confidence.

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  1. Hi Gillian

    What gorgeous baby blankets.

    I think you have definitely ticked both boxes.

    They look snuggly warm!!!

    I love how you do lots of different types of craft on your blog.

    Hope you are keeping OK.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Fabulous Gilly - now I just need to go and find who has a baby so I can make one of these :) Di xx

  3. Those baby blankets look fab Gillian. Thanks for the tutorial too. x

  4. What adorable baby blankets. You chose great colors. I'd love for you to share these at my VERY FIRST link party.

  5. Cute! And it looks waaaayyyyyyyyyy easier than having to sew binding all around.

  6. hi gillian, may i know the material the you use for the front fabric.. it is from fleece? and do you fill any sponge material in the center because i realized that they are other material layered between the front and backing fabric. thank you.

    1. Hi Farhani, thank you so much for your comment. On the second blanket the top fabric is fleece and my middle fabric is a pre washed wadding that I got from my local fabric store. It is like cushion stuffing but flat and much thinner. Hope this helps


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