Tuesday 21 February 2012

Baby Subway Art

Good Morning,

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a baby blanket I made for a friend of my sisters new born baby boy. (you can see it here).  Along with the blanket my sister also asked me to make her a subway art canvas.  I have made a couple of these for wedding presents but never one for a new baby.

Anyway today I thought I would share with you how I make my subway art.

I draw the size of my canvas using my Silhouette Software.  From there I can start adding in the words and images required & I know they are to scale.  Once I am happy with the layout I cut out the letters using my silhouette/craftrobo machine.

Now onto the canvas, since my sister wanted green lettering with a white background I had to start off with painting the canvas green.  I use spray paint to do this.  Spray each coat lightly and let each coat dry completely before spraying another coat.

Once you are happy with the base colour it is time to add the lettering, to do this spray the canvas with re-positional spray, this allows you to easily remove the lettering once complete.

Once all the letters are in place spray the top colour to the canvas, since the bottom colour is darker than the top colour it will take a number of coats to completely cover it.  Due to this it is very important you let each coat dry completely.  

At this stage you can peel off you letters, they should peel off easily without removing any of the base paint colour.

Sometimes when you remove the lettering it does remove a little of the colour below, or the top colour has managed to get underneath the lettering.  To touch up any areas where this has happened I spray a little of my paint into the lid of the can and use either a cotton bud or paint brush to correct the areas.

Finally it is just a case of making sure the edges of the canvas matches the top colour, I do this the same way as above, spray some paint into the lid and paint until they match.

Doing a subway canvas with the dark lettering and light background is more time consuming than the opposite way round, but with a little effort it can turn out really well.

Hope this tutorial has been helpful.

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  1. This looks fantastic Gillian. I'm sure they are really pleased with it and I found it veru interesting to read how you made it. x

  2. This is really unique, I've never seen something like it before and I love it! M x

  3. It's fabulous - thanks for sharing :)x


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