Monday 14 November 2011

Stencilled Leaves

Good Evening,

I a recent post I showed you all a card to the 'Less is More' challenge under the Leaves theme using my Silhouette machine.  This seemed a fairly popular idea with some of the comments I received so I thought I would make another card using my Silhouette but in a slightly different way.

For this card I cut out a leaf design using plain printer paper and instead of using it as a topper which would be the most common use, I threw away the cut image and used the outline left behind as a stencil.  I place the image over my card and using my ink pads I created my stencilled leaves.

I did dry emboss a line above and below the image, but I am not sure how well this has shown up.

Thanks for reading


  1. This is a great idea Gillian, but I wouldn't have thrown away the cut out leaves I would have saved them for another card!
    Super card.
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. Super effect Gillian
    I usually add an odd number of in this case leaves, it seems to look better on the eye
    However that's not a criticism, this looks FAB
    Thank you
    Mandi LIM

  3. love the idea and the colours and of course I can see the embossing, I agree with Chrissie, I never throw anything away and with Mandi, three's always work so well, I admire any one who can create Clean and Simple cards, as I really do struggle, I have a problem where I have to fill all the white space lol
    Hugs Kate xx
    ps good luck in my candy draw and welcome to my little bit of blog land :)

  4. I love this bold image. And the idea is great. Thanks.

  5. love your idea of using stencils. Beautiful colors too.

  6. Ah stencilling is such fun isn't it, love the bold colours...great card :)
    Jenny x


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